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SS 202 patti

SS 202 patti rolls are static cast mono block cast iron, with either nodular or graphite, subject to the application. Hardness can Range from 45-70. SS 202 patti can be given Pearlie or Articular grid to suit the application.

Monoblock throwing makes these moves appropriate to applications with more profound passes where twofold poured rolls can not be utilized. The rolls can by provided Plain Barrel or in the Rough Grooved condition. Applications: Rod and Bar Mill Breakdown, roughing, middle of the road and finishing stands. Light and Medium Section Mills Seamless.

The nearness of free graphite in the structure gives 'grease' guaranteeing a superior discharge from the bar what's more, an acceptable protection from fire splitting. Our specialists will exhort the best SS 202 patti evaluation to give a cost effective answer for the application.

BRC SS202 C% Ni% ShC 100x DESCRIPTION APPLICATION SS 202 patti 3-3.5 1.0-2.6 Up to 1.0 45-65 400-600 800-1000 1.6x10^5 SS 202 patti 3-3.5 2.5-4 Up to 2.5 55-70 500-700 800-1000 1.6x10^5 SS 202 patti 3-3.5 1-3 Up to 2.5 55-70 300-500 600-800 1.7x10^5 P PRIME Cr% + TENSILE BENDING Mo% STRENGTH MODULUS OF Flexibility Roughing, Intermediate SS 202 patti is characterized by nodular graphite and carbides masterminded in a pearlitic framework. SS 202 patti is characterized by a bainitic-acicular-martensite lattice. This evaluation has a higher UTS, hardness and is more wear safe than the SG Pearlitic quality.

SS 202 patti moves comprise of cast symbol with fine graphite in a bainitic/ martensitic lattice. The fine graphite upgrades the opposition to the warm anxieties, diminishing fire splits. SS 202 patti gives incredible surface finish. Financially savvy BRC Global Rolls Ltd. what's more, Finishing Stands of Bar and Bar Mills, Light what's more, Medium Sections Plants, Seamless Mills Middle of the road and Completing Stands of Rod what's more, Bar Mills, Light and Medium Section Mills, Consistent Mills Completing Stands of Rod what's more, Bar Mills, Light Areas Mills, Consistent Mills.


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